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2023  Canadian Cutting Horse Association Champions


open boorrey.jpg

Champion "CR Tuff Boorey"  owned by Coast Performance shown by Dustin Gonnet

Heading 2

CCHA Catsa Spot.jpg
CCHA Dennis Hall.jpg

Reserve Champion "Catsa Spot"  owned by Danielle Oslund shown by Glen Beveridge

3rd Place "Metallica Plays" owned by Dennis Hall shown by Travis Rempel

Non Pro 

non pro lesjack.jpg

Champion Les Jack

Heading 2

CCHA matt anderson.jpg
CCHA beveridge 3rd.jpg

Reserve Champion Matthew Anderson

3rd Place Danielle Oslund

Unlimited AM 

CCHA Sandy Reid.jpg

Champion Sandy Reid

Heading 2

CCHA Scott Wardley.jpg
CCHA Colleen Wallace.jpg

Reserve Champion Scott Wardley

3rd Place Colleen Wallace


ccha johnny.jpg

Champion "The Cat Express"  owned by Dylan Oswald shown by Johnny Lukacs

Heading 2

ccha doug wiens 2nd.jpg

3rd Place "Checks Into Cash" owned by 4 Diamond Livestock shown by Travis Rempel

Reserve Champion "Sheer Drama"  owned by Doug Wiens shown by Travis Rempel


ccha metallic fist.jpg

Champion "Metallic Fist"  owned and shown by Lynn Edge

Heading 2

Reserve Champion "Metallic Wabbit"  owned and shown by Catherine Moffat

3rd Place "Shady Lil Smooth" owned and shown by Deanna Leigh

25K NH

ccha blu lillies.jpg

Champion "Blu Lilies"  owned by Pauli Smith shown by Doug Reinhardt

Heading 2

ccha shayne 2nd.jpg
ccha metallic stilettos.jpg

Reserve Champion "CR Maximum Tuffness"  owned by Shayna Meyer shown by Travis Rempel

3rd Place "Metallic Stilettos" owned by Connie Down-Cicoria shown by Cody Smith


ccha smooth and peppy.jpg

Champion "Smooth And Peppy"  owned and shown by Deborah Anderson

Heading 2

ccha cole nelson 2nd.jpg
ccha ken mix 3rd.jpg

Reserve Champion "Royal N Catty"  owned and shown by Cole Nelson

3rd Place "Kual Dual" owned and shown by Ken Mix

50K AM

CCHA Brad Karl.jpg

Champion Brad Karl

Heading 2

CCHA Sandy Rpice.jpg
CCHA Robin Hay.jpg

Reserve Champion Sandy Price

3rd Place Robin Hay


CCHA Teresa.jpg

Champion Teresa Lukacs

Heading 2

CCHA Outta the woods.jpg
CCHA Tanya 3rd.jpg

Reserve Champion Louisa Murch-White

3rd Place Tanya Nelson

15K AM

Champion Ryan Richels

Heading 2

ccha shayna meyer.jpg
ccha bryce 3rd.jpg

Reserve Champion Shayna Meyer

3rd Place Bryce Karl

2K Lmt

ccha bryce.jpg

Champion Bryce Karl

Heading 2

ccha megan 2nd 2.jpg
ccha trinity 3rd.jpg

Reserve Champion Megan Du Toit

3rd Place Trinity Stawnichy

Sr. Youth

ccha greta ypouth.jpg

Champion Greta Wurtz

Heading 2

ccha megan 2nd.jpg
ccha trinity 3rd.jpg

Reserve Champion Megan Du Toit

3rd Place Trinity Stawnichy

JR. Youth

Champion Brooklyn Beveridge

Heading 2

Reserve Champion Quinn Beveridge

3rd Place Avalene van Haastert

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