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2019  Canadian Cutting Horse Association,  Champions

Photos by Glaze Photography, Barb Glazer

horse hall of fme.jpg

2019 CCHA

Horse  Hall of Fame Inductee

"Reys Of Moonshine"

Owned by Matthew Anderson & Amanda Digness

Open Bronz LR.jpg
Open ChampLR.jpg

2019 CCHA Open Champion, 'Lil Magic Ike"  owner Pat Rorison   rider Dustin Gonnet

Sponsored by Matthew Anderson & Amanda Digness

Connie Delorme Memorial Open Champion Bronze "Lil Magic Ike" owner Pat Rorison Rider Dustin Gonnet

Reserve Champion, "High Brow Clay 012"   owner Connie Down Cicoria  rider Cody Smith  sponsored by Welland Muri 

3rd  "Full Metal Kitty"    owner Roger Belton  rider Donna Hall

4th  " This Cats Max"   owner   Doug Wiens    rider   Travis Rempel

5th  " Lenas Rockin"   owner Peter Knott   rider   Travis Rempel    sponsored by K & K Livestock Co.

Non Pro Bronz.jpg
Non Pro ChampLR.jpg
Non ProLR.jpg

2019 CCHA Non Pro  Champion, Amanda Digness riding " Reys Of Moonshine"" 

Sponsored by MTE Logistix Dennis & Connie Nolin ( Bronze) & Copperstone Ranch Bill & Deb Hutton (Champion Buckle)

Connie Delorme Memorial Non Pro Champion Bronze Amanda Digness  "Reys Of Moonshine" 

Reserve Champion, Emma Reinhardt riding " Miss Smoke Is Smooth"  sponsored by SCHA

3rd Haley Stradling  riding "Swampware"  

4th  Doug Wiens " This Cats Max"

5th  Don Hudson " Ginas Rey"     sponsored by K & K Livestock


2019 CCHA $5000  Novice Horse Champion,

"Red Neck Creyzy" Owner Rocky Davis  Rider  Glen Beveridge, Sponsored By CCHA 

Reserve Champion, "Wendels Got A Gun" Don Jensen Rider Brady Jensen

sponsored by AFAB Industries Les & Coreen Jack

3rd "Dogs Money Honey" Owner Penelope Broad Rider Travis Rempel

4th "CD Sly Cat" Owner Dennis Nolin  Rider Gerry Hansma

5th  "Glass Cactus" Owner Pauli Smith  Rider Doug Reinhardt  

   sponsored by K & K Livestock

2019 CCHA $5000 Non Pro Novice Horse Champion,

Carl Gerwien & " Steady E Cat "   

Reserve Champion, Doug Vanee & " John E Boon" 

sponsored by Lynn & Judy Edge

3rd Haley Stradling  & " CSDP TR Quiver Rey"

4th Marilyn Anderson & "Come Away With Me"

5th  Elaine Speight & Reycomend Me"    sponsored by K & K Livestock

25 NH Champ LR.jpg
25NH LR.jpg

2019 CCHA $25000 Novice Horse Champion  " Scooters Stylish Kit "  owner Ron Mathison   rider Cody Smith

Sponsored by Rorison Land Development

Reserve Champion, " Hot Metal Smarts" Owner Hollingworts Farms  rider Glen Beveridge  Sponsored by Scott Brady

3rd " Full Metal Kitty " owner Roger Belton  rider Donna Hall

4th " Hudsons Bay "  owner Dennis Nolin  rider Gerry Hansma

5th " Lois Lane"  owner James Mann  rider Travis Rempel   sponsored by K & K Livestock

25Np Nh LR.jpg

2019 CCHA $25000NPNH Champion 

Melonis Armstrong & " Jewelies Little Cat" Sponsored by SCHA

Reserve Champion, Les Jack  & " Smart Dark & Hot " sponsored by The Stradling Family

3rd Sandy Reid  & " SB Fedexmeacd"

4th Chad Eaton & " Wild Haired Qui"

5th  Connie Down-Cicoria  & " Shes Gleeful"   sponsored by K & K Livestock

50 am champLR.jpg

2019 CCHA $50000 Am Champion   Jane Leeson   riding  " One Stylish Pepto"  Sponsored by The Stradling Family

Reserve Champion, Ken Mix " Zacs Catty Burnette" sponsored by Reid Cutting Horses Lyle & Sandy Reid

3rd Dustin Roberts riding " PFR Texas Chrome"

4th Pauli Smith riding " Glass Cactus"

5th  Janie Bass riding " Dreamy Playcat"   sponsored by K & K Livestock

35 champ.jpg

2019 CCHA $35000NP Champion Colten Powell riding " Risto Boon"  Sponsored by Pauli Smith

Reserve Champion, Sandy Price Riding " Caughtin Hickin"

3rd Joani Mink riding " Catchin Some Reys"

4th Stacey Roberts   riding " Two Spot The Cat"

5th  Michelle VanDenBrink  Riding " Catsonova "  sponsored by K & K Livestock

15am champ.jpg

2019 CCHA $15000AM Champion Marg Beatty  riding " Shiny Pink Catdy "  Sponsored by CCHA 

Reserve Champion, Jody Caswell  riding "Annies Lil Cat  Sponsored by "Smith Cutting Horses, Cody Smith

3rd Penelope Broad  riding " Dogs Money Honey" 

4th Cory Zimmer riding " FQH Chex Me Out"

5th  Colin VanDenBrink " Casonova"   sponsored by K & K Livestock


2019 CCHA $2000ltd Champion Jim Szuszkiel riding " Rockin Dual J" sponsored by  Lorrnel ConsultingTD Champion 2000ltd Barb McNally Trophy Sponsored by Lorrnel Consulting & John & Debbie Thomas

Reserve Champion, McKenna Omiecinski  riding " Ritzy Cat" 

3rd Amy VanAar riding  " SB Fedexmeacd" 

4th Michelle VanDenBrink riding " Prettiest Cat Yet"

5th Heather Hudak riding " Paparazzi Red"   sponsored by K & K Livestock

sr youth champ.jpg

2019 CCHA SR Youth Champion Rayel Kaczmar riding " Eaton Some Cash"

sponsored by CCHA

Reserve Champion, Colten Powell riding " Risto Boon"

Sponsored by CCHA 

3rd Ryley Ray Wilson" Playful Angel"

4th Halle Bed Well riding " Hi Lights"

   sponsored by K & K Livestock

2018 CCHA JR Youth Champion Layden Omiecinski riding " Justa Stylish Oak"  sponsored by Willow Springs Ranch Carl & Julia Gerwien

Reserve Destry Gonnett riding " One Stylish Pepto"  

3rd Avalene Van Hasstert riding " TS Cupids Boonsmal "

4th Owen Goetz  riding " Rondee Lynx"

5th Brooklyn Beveridge riding "Smart Dixie Kit"

jr youth res.jpg
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