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2021  Canadian Cutting Horse Association Champions


Champion "Redneck Crazy"  owned by Rocky Davis  shown by Glen Beveridge
2nd  "Catsa Spot" owned by JT Bell shown by Glen Beveridge 
3rd  "This Cats Max" owned by Doug Wiens shown by Travis Rempel 
4th  "Cher The Sugar" owned by Connie Down-Cicoria shown by Cody Smith 

5th "Emma Rey" owned by Amanda Smith shown by Dustin Gonnet

Non Pro

Champion  Les Jack showing "CR Reyly Tuff" 
2nd  Rocky Davis showing "Redneck Crazy"
3rd  Haley Stradling showing "Swampware" 

4th  Amanda Smith showing "Emma Rey"
5th  John Thomas showing "Dual Smart Deal"

$5000 Novice Horse

Champion  "LSR Addarosa Rio" Owned by Jill Rennie shown by  Tyler Darroch 
2nd  "Kual Dual" owned by Ken & Karen Mix shown by  Gerry Hansma 
3rd  "The Catillac Cantina" Owned by Rocky Davis shown by  Glen Beveridge 
4th  "Spots Montana Doc" Owned by Denton Moffat shown by Denton Moffat 
5th  "Play N Possum" Owned by Lisa Christianson shown by Loren Christianson

$ 5000 N.P.N.H

Champion  Matthew Anderson showing "Holliwood"
2nd  Sand Reid showing "RH Purolator Cat" 
3rd  Kaila Stewart showing "Bet Hesa Lena" 
4th  Carl Gerwien showing "WS I CD Cat"
5th  Rocky Davis showing "Her Royal Queen"

$25 000 Novice Horse

Champion  "High Brow Clay 012" owned by Connie Down-Cicoria shown by Cody Smith
2nd  "Lois Lain" owned by James Mann shown by Travis Rempel 
3rd  "Olenasdualy Boonsmal" owned by Carol Bailey shown by Dustin Gonnet 
4th  "Her Royal Queen" owned by Rocky Davis shown by Glen Beveridge
5th  "Who Are You Anyway" owned by Barbara Stewart shown by Gerry Hansma

$25 000 NPNH

Champion  Binky Moffat showing "Smart Instantly"
2nd  Rocky Davis showing "Nitarey Cline"
3rd  Doug Vanee  showing  "John E Boon"
4th  Michelle Van Den Brink  showing  "Catsonova"
5th  Catherine Taggart showing "Drive This"

50 000 Amateur

Champion  Scott Wardley showing "Smooth SD Slicker"
2nd  Lisa Eaton showing "Ettaful"
3rd  Colleen Wallace showing "Onetime Is Short"
4th  John Martin showing "Strays Rey"
5th  Rebecca Gervin showing "Catty Midget"


Champion  Randy Vanee showing "Come Away With Me" 
2nd  Cali Brandt showing "Miss Playin RG"
3rd  Jim Szuszkiel showing "Dually Cat Pharoah"
4th  John Martin showing "Stray Reys"
5th Trent Schade showing "Elseware"

$15 000 Amateur

Champion  Robin Hay showing "CD Stylin Cat Play"
2nd  Leslie Posein showing "Doin My Time"
3rd  Randy Vanee showing "Cat Le Dual"
4th  Trent Schade showing "Elseware" 
5th  Marjorie Beatty showing "Shiny Pink Catdy"

$2000 Rider

Champion Greta Wurtz showing "Sweet Pepto Again"
2nd  Thomas Thorlakson showing "Emmy Be Tuff"
3rd  Gregg Garvie showing "All About Paris"
4th  Tory Correale showing "Lois Lane"
5th  Brad Karl showing "Hesa Rey Cat"

SR Youth

Champion  Chase Pallesen showing "Clays Little CD"
2nd  Teresa Lukacs  showing "Reyligious"
3rd  Layden Omiecinski showing "Jack Be Smart"
4th  Wyatt Coats
5th  McKenna Omiecinski showing "Ritzt Cat"

JR Youth

Champion  Greta Wurtz showing "Sweet Pepto Again"
2nd  Brooklyn Beveridge showing "Smart Dixie Kit" 
3rd  Avalene Van Haastret showing "Cash Cat Merada"
4th  Austyn Schapansky showing "Imadazzlintaz"
5th  Vidalia Van Haastret showing "TS Cupids Boonsmal"


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