CCHA Mission Statement


The Canadian Cutting Horse Association champions and embraces the values of the west and ranching heritage by promoting the cutting horse through ethical, fair, and competitive horsemanship. The CCHA honours the rich history of cutting in Canada and preserves this legacy by advocating for growth, education, and financial sustainability while exposing the sport of cutting to a broad audience.

 Board of Directors 2021

President:    Les Jack, Rocanville, SK. Phone:  (306) 435-7630c  

Vice President:  Connie Down-Cicoria Phone:(403)  606-9710

Secretary Treasurer:  Kim Moore (403)559-7104

Executive Committee: Les Jack, Connie Down-Cicoria, Lynn Edge, Doug Wiens   
Board Of Governors: *Bill Collins, AB *Dennis Nolin, AB  *Fred Duke, AB *Len Perry, AB  *Bill Ferguson, BC *Bill Wilson, AB  *Dave Robson, AB *Keith Hitchner, AB  *Walter Hellyer, ON *Dave McNalley, AB  *Les Timmons, SK. *Larry Sands, AB  *Byron Hussey, AB. *Jamie Steer, AB.  *Denotes Directors at Large 
Honorary President  The Honorable Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Alberta  Honorary Vice President  The Honorable Minister of Agriculture of The Province of Alberta 

SCHA: Scott Brady, Chad Eaton, Tyler Darroch, Clint Christianson, Kim Brady

ACHA: Ken Mix, Kaila Stewart, Emma Reinhardt, Robin Powell, Sandy Reid, Amanda Smith, Bill Hutton, Louisa Murch-White, Dustin Gonnet , Doug Reinhardt

MCHA: Donna Hall

BCCHA: : Amanda Fill, Doug Wiens, Binky Moffat, Bob Zirnheldt

Honorary Directors: Connie Down-Cicoria, Lynn Edge, Darcy Geherman

2021 Committee directors

Non-Pro – Welland Muri, Sandy Reid

Hall of Fame – new 2 year term  Les Jack (chairman) Les Timmons, Bob Zirnhelt, Dennis Nolin, Cody Smith

Rules & Judges – Cody Smith, Binky Moffat

Finals Show Committee- Connie Down-Cicoria, Kim Brady, Amanda Smith, Amanda Fill, Donna Hall

Sponsorship/ fundraising- Darcy Geherman, Louisa Murch-White, Doug Wiens, Lynn Edge, Brayden Nufeld

Historical committee-  Kaila Stewart, Welland Muri

National Communications- Connie Down Cicoria, Louisa Murch-white, Amanda Smith, Darcy Geherman, Les Jack

Displainary Commettee- Connie Down-Cicoria

Annual Awards/Banquet- Robin Powell, Louisa Murch-White, Amanda smith

Membership- Robin Powell

 Insurance- Robin Powell

 Public Relations- Robin Powell, Louisa Murch-white