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2016  Canadian Cutting Horse Association,  Champions

Photos by Glaze Photography, Barb Glazer

2016 CCHA Open Champion, 'This Cats Got Style "   owner Ron Patton   rider Dustin Gonnet

Sponsored by Dave Swanson CIR Realty

Reserve Champion, "Blurey"   owner Richard Hollingworth    rider Glen Beveridge  sponsored by Welland Muri 

3rd  "Ann C Merada"    owner Leigh & Holly Bilton   rider Les Timmons

4th  " CKS Smoothbobby Cat"   owner   Gord Roper    rider   Doug Reinhardt

5th  " My Own San Lena "   owner Jason Hanson    rider   Jason Hanson    sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA Non Pro  Champion, Amanda Smith riding " I'm Short & Smooth"  & " Hoo Doo Hughes"

Sponsored by Zender Ford ( Bronze) & Pekisko Ranch (Champion Buckle)

Reserve Champion, Don Hudson riding " Ginas Rey"  sponsored by Dynamic Projects Ltd.

3rd Scott Wardley  riding " Badgers Bad Apple"  &  " Red Apple Rey"

4th  Les Jack riding " Catty Midget" & " Reys Your Freckles"  & " Grated Coconut"

5th  John Thomas riding " Dual Smart Deal"     sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA $5000 Non Pro Novice Horse Champion, Carl Gerwien   & " Shes Almost Heaven "

Sponsored by MTE Logistix ( Bronze) & Welland Muri (Champion Buckle)

Reserve Champion, Les Jack & " Reys Your Freckles"  sponsored by Lynn & Judy Edge

3rd Scott Wardley  & " Red Apple Rey"

4th Heather Pedersen & "Bagginslittlerey"

5th  Sandy Reid & SB Fedxmeacd"    sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA $25000 Novice Horse Champion

" SDP Overdrive "  owner Richard Hollingworth   rider Glen Beveridge

Sponsored by Rorison Land Development

Reserve Champion, " Cataduala" Owner Heather Hudson   rider Gerry Hansma

Sponsored by AFAB Industries

3rd " Suzie Blue " owner Jim Mann  rider Travis Remple

4th " Peptos Mate "  owner Ruth Degma   rider Keith Stewart

5th " Wild Haired Oui"  owner Chad & Lisa Eaton  rider Dustin Gonnet

 sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA $25000NPNH Champion Binky Moffat & " Smart In A Instant" Sponsored by Sandero Ranch

Reserve Champion, Matt Anderson  & " Reys Of Moonshine " sponsored by Richard & Linda Davies

3rd Connie Down-Cicoria  & " Shes Gleeful"

4th Sandy Reid & " Super Cats Boonsmal"

5th  Tara Callaghan  & " PFR Catmambo"   sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA $50000 Am Champion   Juli Ann Moore   riding  " Reys Kit Badger"  Sponsored by Northland Maintenance

Reserve Champion, Kim Moore riding " Can You Dual It" sponsored by Sandy & Dee Jay Reid

3rd Margaret Meagher riding " Docs Stylish Fox"

4th Ken Mix riding " Bet This Cats Smart"

5th  Dooreen Ruggles riding " annies Goodie Bag"   sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA $35000NP Champion Linda Davies riding " " Cetas Ahoy Mate"  Sponsored by Pauli Smith

Reserve Champion, Margaret Meagher Riding " Docs Stylish Fox"

3rd Darlene Wardley riding " Badgers Bad Apple"

4th Horst Gardner  riding " Swingin Stylish"

5th  Alexandra Callaghan Riding " Short n Suave "  sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA $15000AM Champion Wes Behm  riding " Hydrive Catalena "  Sponsored by Cochery Holdings

Reserve Champion, Michelle Meiklejohn  riding "SDP Quiver Cat" sponsored by Geoff, Charlene & Jill Thomas

3rd Pat Rorison riding " Wouldn't Ya Know It" & " Cats Boonsmal"

4th Jean Paul Demoissac riding " Mucho Macho Mecom"

5th  Katie Havie riding " Scatty Cat"   sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA $2000ltd Champion Logan Warren riding " Christams Mate" sponsored by Robin Hay & Friends of Barb McNalley

Reserve Champion, Cassandra Eaton riding " Smartyscowgirldiablo" sponsored by ARDY Rigging Ltd.

3rd Justiss Daoust riding  " Rio Ret Dinero" & " Wena Mia Check"

4th Lisa Eaton riding " Ettaful"

5th  Sarah Anderson riding " Bows Cat"   sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA SR Youth Champion Tara Callaghan riding " PFR Cat Mambo"

sponsored by Bill Jani

Reserve Champion, Skye Christianson riding " Shezalittlewildthing"

3rd Kassidy Williamson riding " Starlight On Gold"

4th Raylene Paradis riding " Just Call Me Turner"

5th  Justiss Daoust riding " Rio Rey Dinero"    sponsored by K & K Livestock

2016 CCHA JR Youth Champion Allegra Claughton riding " Tule Texas" & Quixotes Special"  sponsored by Bill Jani

Reserve McKenna Omiecinski riding " Cats Mirage Sr"  sponsored by The Lorrnel Group

3rd McKenna Britz riding " Ima Smart Peppier "

4th Ryley Ray Wilson riding " Jewelers Out"

5th  Colten Powell riding " Quick Pepcid"  sponsored by K & K Livestock

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