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Stallion Auction Details

The 2024 CCHA Stallion Auction is complete! Thank you to all of our donors and supporters for another fantastic year!


A special thank you to the 2024 donors; stallion owners, breeding stations and veterinary clinics that have supported the CCHA Stallion Auction this year:

  • Boonified, standing at SDP Buffalo Ranch

  • Cats Picasso, owned by Coast Performance Horses

  • Dont Stopp Believin, owned by Rapp Ranch

  • High Brow CD, owned by Home Place Horse & Cattle Co.

  • Hydrive Cat, owned by SDP Buffalo Ranch

  • Metaphoric Cat, owned by John Lukacs

  • My Pistols Hott, owned by Slash 7 Slash, LLC

  • Northern Metallic, owned by Marti Katerberg

  • Once You Go Black, owned by SDP Buffalo Ranch

  • Red Hott Cat, owned by Sherrick Holdings LTD.

  • Rey Dual, standing at SDP Buffalo Ranch

  • Reyzin Brows, owned by Dustin & Marla Gonnet

  • Rocky Mountain Blues, owned by Selena Orchard Barbosa

  • Sanctus, owned by Scott Druham

  • Sannman, standing at SDP Buffalo Ranch

  • SF Hottish Lumi Cat, standing at SDP Buffalo Ranch

  • Sigala Rey, owned by Sigala Ranch

  • Smokin Smooth Dually, owned by Scott Wardley

  • Spotish, standing at SDP Buffalo Ranch

  • Spots Heff, owned by Greg & Christi Smith

  • Spottish, owned by John Lukacs

  • Tapt Dancin Cat, owned by Healey Quarter Horses

  • Third Cutting, owned by the Alley Family

  • Plough Equine Veterinary Services; Specialist in Equine Reproduction - Dr. Tracy Plough

  • Alberta Veterinary Centre

  • Westhills Equine Veterinary Services

  • Charles Ranch Equine

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