Cutter Correction

Please note:  15,000 Amateur Year End Standings were printed in the recent "Cutter" wrong.
Following are the correct Year End Standings for the 15,000 Amateur.

Final Standings posted (September 23rd)


Fishing Trip Winner


Updated Directory

The CCHA Directory has been updated. Please view the CCHA directory for details.


N O T I C E:

Saddle distribution for the
CCHA Year End Awards
will be as follows for the next four years (as passed at the 2015 Director’s Meeting):

2015 15,000 NH/NP    50,000 Amateur
2016 5,000 NH/NP     35,000 NP
2017 2,000 Limit       5,000 NH
2018 15,000 NH          15,000 Amateur

Bronzes will be awarded to Open and Non-Pro Champion


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