Canadian Cutting Horse Association


The Canadian Cutting Horse Association champions and embraces the values of the west and ranching heritage by promoting the cutting horse through ethical, fair, and competitive horsemanship. The CCHA honours the rich history of cutting in Canada and preserves this legacy by advocating for growth, education, and financial sustainability while exposing the sport of cutting to a broad audience.

Video Highlight 

ACHA Claresholm Sandy Reid Riding "SB Fedexmeacd" In the 25NHNP with a score of 73 

Thanks to HD2 Sports for the Video. Make sure and contact them if you want to see yours


A Letter from Our President...

Dear Members of the CCHA

I am writing this when it feels like we are all part of a terrible movie that has no end in sight.

First of all, non of us have ever been through something like this but I know we will get though it.

We will try to have weekly updates to keep everyone up to speed on what our show cancellation is and when we get back to doing what we love so much.

In the mean time everyone should follow the rules that have been imposed. Please use common sense. Also, don't do anything drastic, please support our trainers and sponsors as much as possible. The trainers and sponsors depend on us to make their living.

I can make one promise, we will be coming back to showing cutting horses again and will appreciate it even more after this experience.

Best of all, to everyone of my cutting family and friends, please be safe and take this time to enjoy time with your family and animals!


Les Jack
CCHA President

2018 CCHA

Member Hall of Fame Inductee

Connie Delorme

2019 CCHA

Rider Hall of Fame Inductee

Loren Christianson

2018 CCHA

Rider  Hall of Fame Inductee

Doug Reinhardt

New for 2019

CCHA Dave Robson Award   

In honor and appreciation of Dave Robson’s long-time support of the Canadian Cutting Horse Association, we would like to announce a “CCHA Dave Robson Novice rider class” in Dave Robson’s name. The intention of this class and award is to benefit the “Novice Cutter” and promote growth to our sport while paying tribute to Dave Robson.

The CCHA will donate a bronze to each Affiliate to be awarded to the Champion of their chosen novice class(s) The details will be up to each affiliate so watch show entry info for more info.

Dennis & Connie Nolin,  Welland Muri, Lorrnel Consulting, Connie Down-Cicoria, Matt Anderson & Amanda Digness,  John & Debbie Thomas, Pauli Smith , Lynn & Judy Edge , Rorison Land Development, Pat Rorison, Sandy, Lyle & DeeJay Reid, Smith Cutting Horses, Cody Smith, Willow Springs Ranch, Carl & Julia Gerwien, AFAB Industries Les & Coreen Jack, The Stradling Family, Moore’s Feedlot, Grant, Kim & Juli Moore, SCHA,  Becker Buckles, Kraig Becker, K & K Livestock, Karen and Ken Mix, Pro Cutter, Scott Brady, Copperstone Ranch Bill & Deb Hutton.