Canadian Cutting Horse Association

The CCHA 2021 Year In Review

First of all I want to thank every board member, executive, and our secretary, Robin Powell. We have
an outstanding group of people that has the betterment of cutting in their heart along with the
stomach to stick with and back the decisions that the board had to make this year!! This has made
my job of directing this association enjoyable and rewarding!

The sponsorship and show committee all worked extremely hard and diligently on rallying to put
together our first CCHA Finals. It hosted all classes we competed in at the end of the point year. This
Finals show was organized and set up in record time and was financially sustainable.

Thanks to our fantastic relationship with the NCHA and in particular Joshua Valdez, manager of
shows, and Jay Winborn, executive director.

I also need to thank our affiliates and show producers for pushing shows ahead even when Covid was
trying to rear its ugly head many times.

Congratulations to all the people and horses that had a successful year showing in Canada!!

In closing, I would like to thank all our members for allowing me to serve as president of the Canadian
Cutting Horse Association for several terms. It has been a rewarding and interesting experience. I
feel our group has a lot of vigor and perseverance that will move cutting in Canada forward.

As I said earlier, there is a fantastic board in place and they will be electing a new board for the 2022
season. Please consider joining this team if you are the type of person that wants to give back to the
sport that you love and have a passion for. Consider getting involved. It’s like a tank of water – if
people take out the water and don’t put any back in, the tank will eventually run dry! Let’s not be the
generation that does that.

Here’s to a successful and enjoyable cutting horse season in 2022! Cheers to the great horses!

Gratefully yours,

CCHA 2021 AGM Jan 27, 7:00pm MST via Zoom  Details to come ...

Proposed notice of motion to be voted on at the AGM... 

"I make a motion that every person that competes and/or owns a horse that is being shown at a CCHA approved show must be a current CCHA member"

Darcy Geherman

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